Self Defense

Benefits in Learning Shotokan Karate-Do Self-Defense

Improve Physical Health

Along with learning Shotokan Karate, you and/or your child will develop useful lifetime habits by exercising several times a week when you attend class, a habit that will hopefully continue into your personal life.  Improving your physical health is a great benefit of learning martial arts.  The student will also become flexible improving muscle and joint health. Improved stamina, control and coordination are also fundamental benefits.

Improve Mental Health

Learning Shotokan Karate-Do will improve your focus and concentration, teaching you to handle one situation at a time giving your all.  When your body and mind are active and sharp your mental health will be improved as a benefit and you will be able to handle stress better. You or your child will have the confidence knowing you can defend yourself if the need arises in many different situations.

Build your Self-esteem and Self-confidence

By accomplishing goals and learning the Shotokan Karate-Do style the student will rise up in belt level and fill that great level of accomplishment as he or she rises.  You will get stronger in every sense of the word and at the same time build self-esteem and self-confidence for a strong life foundation. Goals help provide direction in life and achieving these goals, will make you know success and accomplishment. The student will learn strong discipline and will receive constructive feedback from the instructors to reinforce patterns for success and build the character that makes a strong person.

Meet New People and Make Strong Bonds

Another benefit is that you or your child will meet new friends with common positive goals.